IN THE FALL OF 1971 BECKY AND LISA BILNECK MOVED OUT of their parent’s home and into a cute little apartment in the suburbs of Indianapolis. One of their first purchases was a bright, lime green fondue pot with the idea that they would be throwing a lot of fondue parties in their new place. They decided to invite their parents over to try out some fondue recipes. Mr. and Mrs. Bilneck were excited to see their daughter's first place and jumped at the invite even though Bud Bilneck had never heard of a “Fun Doo." But hey, he figured it must be something “fun”. The girls sat the folks down on some groovy orange and green pillows, brought out the fondue pot and set it on a low round coffee table. They served up bread and veggies dipped into various melted cheeses and for desert they melted chocolate for dipping marshmallows and fruit. After an hour of or so of eating tiny morsels of food Bud leaned over and whispered into his wife’s ear, “These appetizers are good but when do you think they are going to bring out the main dish?"