GUNTHER WINDSOR WORKED FOR FORTY YEARS at the Corn Husker Door Factory in Omaha, Nebraska. He enjoyed his job for the most part, but forty years of making doors does wear on a man. His wife Nancy, was an elementary school teacher in Omaha. Each evening, after supper, for going on twenty years, Gunther and Nancy would sit in front of a world globe at the kitchen table. They would take turns spinning the globe and with closed eyes would place a finger on a spot in the world. Where ever that finger would end up is where they would travel to that evening (figuratively speaking). 

Now that the two of them were two months away from retiring, they were going to play their globe game for real. So one evening they both pledged to each other that where ever the finger would stop that night was going to be the destination for their first world travel adventure. Nancy was to make the selection and Gunther tied a blindfold over her eyes just to keep her "honest." Then he swiped his hand across the globe, sending it on a wild spin not to mention nearly knocking it off the table. Nancy slowly drew her finger down and the globe came to an abrupt spot. She quickly pulled off her blindfold and the two of them leaned in to see exactly what exotic port of call they were heading to. They both burst out in simultaneous laughter when they realized Nancy had her finger slap dab on North Platte, Nebraska.  "North Platte it is,"  Gunther proclaimed. "At least we won't have to learn the language."


True to their mutual pledge, the Windsors actually did take their first trip to North Platte but soon followed with a three month adventure to Europe and then on to Asia.