AGNES FLENNANGER ROLLED as she handed her husband Lester one of the 500 Lawson Wood Monkey Calendars that were just delivered. Agnes was the office manager and bookkeeper for the couple’s Billings, Montana Refrigeration and Heating company. He began to laugh uproariously as he rolled out the calendar and studied the cartoon art. Lester loved the Lawson Wood monkey cartoon paintings. He loved them so much that every year he insisted upon ordering 500 calendars featuring the Wood’s monkey art to give to his customers. He would also give one to each of employees along with a turkey as their Christmas bonus. Agnes was not such a fan of monkey art and each year begged him to order some calendars with a lovely scenic photos or something that did not include monkeys.

“Now Agnes, admit it..this here is REAL art…look at all the details. This one's even better than last year's,” Lester said to his wife as he was still chuckling over the the illustration. 

“Oh year we’re getting calendars with scenic landscape photos,” she scolded as she left his office. She glanced back to see him still gawking and laughing at the calendar rolled out on his desk all the while peeling a banana for his afternoon snack.

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