MORRIS MILLFOIL HATED HIS JOB AT THE WIDGET FACTORY. He punched out at precisely 5:00 pm everyday then rushed home for a quick supper. After dinner the confirmed bachelor would scampered down to the basement. There in the dank darkness, with the flip of a switch on his Readers Digest Multiband radio, Morris’ countenance would take light as if his soul was married to the glow of the tuning dial. His pulse quicken with the fading in of the sound of static and bellowing voices from exotic points around the world—Hong Kong, Singapore, London, Italy, the list went on. After traveling the world for an hour or so he would always end up at his favorite destination, “Radio Fiji”. There he would stay, eventually drifting off to sleep while listening to the weather and news reports that shared snippets of Fijian life. He imagined himself on a sandy beach with the sun gently setting in the west, the balmy trade winds ruffling his tropical shirt and fluttering what little hair he had left on his head. 

Morris endured three more years of building widgets until he had saved up a nest egg. Then in the spring of 1984 he sold his house and most of his possessions (save his Readers Digest radio) and boarded a airliner to the Fiji Islands. There he met and married a native Fijian woman and settle down in a small house on the edge of a sandy beach. Morris spent the rest of his life enjoying the sunset each day with nary a thought of Number 3 Widgets.