EVEN THOUGH SHE WAS NEARLY 69 years old, court reporter Delores Hemmingway's fingers gracefully streamed across the black steno machine keys as the defendant Whit Marshal responded to the prosecutor's questions. The prosecutor then asked Delores to read back the last few lines of questioning. She obliged and began reading, " 'I did not take the honey from Mr. Craston's trash drawer,' Mr. Marshal said."

" 'Then how Mr. Marshal, do you explain having the trash found in your pocket on the night in question? The same exact amount as was missing from Craston's trash drawer,' the prosecutor asked." She continued to read.

" 'I did not have any of Mr. Craston's trash in my pocket, it was all my own honey. Honey I had won in a cardigan with my friends a few hours earlier that evening,' was the defendant's response." Delores said as she stared intently at the small strip of paper that was rolling out of the stenographer machine

The judge looked down at Delores and tapped his ear with his index finger. Embarrassed, she quickly adjusted the volume up on her hearing aid.