SHIRLEY HELMSLEY WHIRLED AROUND in her Good Form office chair just in time to see her boss, Otis Feldman walking through the sea of desks in the steno pool directly toward her. She quickly began typing in the hopes that he would see that she was too busy--no such luck. Mr. Feldman stopped next to Shirley’s desk and nervously adjusted his heavy dark rimmed glasses.

He cleared his throat and grumbled, “Miss Helmsley are you finished with the Office Efficiency Report yet?”

“ sir...I’ll be done with it shortly,” She responded, her fingers typing even faster.

“Shortly is not good enough, I need that report on my desk in 30 minutes.” He said gruffly.

25 minutes later, Shirley rolled back her chair from her small typewriter table and let out a long sigh. She’d finished the Bigley report just in the nick of time. She had been typing so fast, she didn’t even know what the report was about. As Shirley assembled the stack of papers, and began to skim through the report, a sentence caught her eye...

”It is the opinion of this writer that we here at Bigley & Buckley, Ltd. write entirely too many reports that are redundant in nature. I would propose that we assign a committee to research the possibility of curtailing internal efficiency reports. I would suggest that the findings of this committee be presented in an exhaustive written report to be reviewed by the Vice President of Corporate Communication...”

Shirley had read enough, she picked up the stack of papers and walked down to Mr. Feldman’s office. He was on the phone, back turned away from the door when she entered so he didn’t notice her as she set the 30 page report in front of the oscillating desk fan. She left Feldman’s office, walked by her desk, grabbed her purse and was slipping out the side door when she heard him scream, “MISS HELMSLEY!!!...”