ED GOODFELLOW WALKED IN THE DOOR and collapsed into his favorite easy chair, kicked off his shoes and set his tired dogs up on his dark brown Pearl Wick Leg Lounger footrest. Something wasn't quite right though so he leaned over and adjusted the ottoman to the perfect angle. The U.S. Postman was an ottoman connoisseur. He figured that had walked over twenty-five thousand miles throughout his eighteen year career as a letter carrier in Omaha, Nebraska. Having the perfect ottoman to support his tired feet at the end of the day was paramount to him. 

After adjusting the ottoman, he leaned back in his chair and he began reading the newspaper. He was reading an interesting article on the Postal Service's plan to implement postal zip codes in upcoming 1963 when his eye caught an advertisement. Montgomery Wards had a sleek new ottoman on sale. "Ummm, I think I might just  have to take a trip down to Wards after dinner," he muttered to himself as he looked intently at the ad and tried to gauge its height and surface area.