IN 1972 ROOKIE YELLOW PAGES ADVERTISING ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE Dan Abbott, amazed his manager with some breakneck sales numbers. Dan had only been on the job for two months and he was putting the old guys to shame. His manager was curious as to how the inexperienced salesman was able to close so many big money ads. One day after a sales meeting, the manager pulled Dan aside and asked, "So Abbott, what's your secret?  We've never had anybody pulling these kind of numbers in their first six months." 

"I have a secret weapon sir." Dan said with a confident grin. "It's all in this case." He lifted up what looked like a small suitcase and set it on the table. He flipped the latch and opened the case up to reveal the contents. 

"A portable bar?" His boss said with amazement. "You mean you take this with you to every appointment?"

"That's right" Dan responded, "I find my clients are much more willing to buy bigger ads if they are more relaxed." 

"You mean sloshed don't you," the manager said with a smile. 

Two days later the entire sales staff each received a portable bar case and Dan received a hefty bonus.