BETTY CLAUSEN OPENED THE LID OF HER copper-tone Kromex flour canister and reached in with her measuring cup but there was barely a 1/4 cup of flour left. Cookies were no longer an option. Just about then, ten year old daughter, Susan, rolled into the kitchen wearing her green Girl Scout uniform. 

"Mom, I need to bring those cookies to troop meeting, did you bake them yet?"

"We're out of flour Susan, so I can't make cookies," Betty replied as she frantically opened cupboard doors looking for baking inspiration.

"But Mom, the girl's are counting on me, it's my week to bring them." Susan said as he eye's began to tear up.

"Don't panic Susan, we'll think of something." Betty said as her eye's began to light up. She had found a key ingredient to address the crisis, a box of Rice Krispies. 

Ten minutes later, Susan beamed as she stepped out the door with a box full of gooey puffed rice goodness. She called back to her Mom who was standing at the doorway, wiping her hands on her apron, "You're the swellest Mom in the whole world."