GORDON BLEEBERMAN HAD TO WORK FAST. He dashed across the small Greenwich Village apartment, slid open the record cabinet and pulled out Bob Dylan's "The Freewheelin'". After turning the high-fi so it faced the wall, he placed the record on the phonograph and gently dropped the needle down and adjusted the volume. As Dylan's gravelly voice began to resonate, Gordon plopped himself down next to his young wife Audrey who was awaiting him on a small sofa with two TV Trays on top of which were two steaming hot TV dinners. The young couple was now ready to indulge in their dirty little Wednesday night secret--watching the "Dick Van Dyke Show" on their small portable black and white television set.

The Bleeberman's had to be very careful watching the squeaky clean sitcom. If their angst-filled beatnik friends found out they watched the show, or even had a TV for that matter, they'd be the laughing stock of Greenwich Village. But Audrey loved to watch the hijinks of spunky Laura Petrie and Gordon secretly admired the quippy comebacks and graceful antics of Rob. And so the two enjoyed a clandestine thirty minutes of mindless entertainment while their apartment neighbors thought the couple were intently focused on digesting Bod Dylan's gritty lyrics each Wednesday night from 9:30 to 10:00 pm.