"NEXT," THE PROFESSOR SAID in a low monotone voice. His voice was barely loud enough to be heard over the hum of the slide projector's fan.

It was hard to believe that the disheveled looking man wearing a tweed sport coat with badly worn leather elbow pads, was in fact quite adept at jungle survival and was a world-renowned expert on the rare Malayan Tapir. It was for that very reason that nearly seventy-five students and colleagues had crowded into the musty basement below the University of Nebraska's Student Union hall. They were there to hear the man speak and share his engaging slides of the rare tapir in its natural setting in the Malaysian rain forest. 

"Next slide please," He said again and the audience was mesmerized by the photo of two male Tapir's in the midst of a violent fight. 


The crowd gushed with excitement as the professor displayed a photo of two baby Tapirs following their mother to a wallow hole.