SEPTEMBER, 1958. Eureka California. The Greyhound bus nudged forward slightly then stopped and let out a long hiss as air brakes released pressure. The bus driver swung open the door. Out into the morning coastal mist stepped Janet Frakes, a beautiful young college coed wearing an ivory pillbox hat. A slight breeze fluttered open her teal green wool coat to reveal a smartly tailored, teal green suit. In her hand she carried a cute teal and ivory Samsonite train case. She caught the eye of several young college boys who were also getting off the bus. They undoubtedly would be surprised to learn that her train case was not filled with girly fu-fu makeup, but rather her molecular biology notes. The small piece of luggage was crammed full of notes for Janet's Humboldt State University senior project--ground breaking agricultural research on the development of hybrid sweet corn varieties.