AFTER ATTENDING A GRATEFUL DEAD CONCERT in the spring of 1967, Jasmine Aquarius (her real name was Mary Buckman) decided to become a devoted "Deadhead" and groupie. She quit her job at the Ford plant in Cleveland, Ohio, sold most of her possessions and packed what she had left into a large teal and black speckled footlocker which she 'borrowed' from her mother. She loaded the trunk into her pink VW van and headed to the Dead's next concert. By the end of the summer Jasmine was growing tired of Jerry Garcia's predictable guitar riffs and the esoteric lyrics just weren't hitting home anymore. Beside that the engine on her VW van caught fire outside of Denver and she had just about enough of the ripe smelling Hippies she ended up hitching rides with. In September, she returned to Cleveland, changed her name back to Mary and got her old job back at the Ford factory. She married a assembly lineman and the two of them raised a son named "Jerry" and a daughter named "Jasmine". 

Mary's now grown children like to tell their kid's that Grandma was a "Deadhead" of which the befuddled grandchildren have no idea. So with a little coaxing, she'll pull out her old trunk filled with 1960s memories and just a faint wisp of Patchouli oil.