NATHANIAL TAPPED HIS PENCIL in frustration, the darkness of his room encroaching upon the letter he was writing. Distance could not quench his love for Maria, the beautiful green-eyed country girl he met on a business trip, but apparently the lack of light on his desk was keeping Nathaniel from expressing it. He had his poem mostly written out and he was close to finishing his last couplet when he realized he could not see a blasted thing. Suddenly there was a knock on the door. Nathaniel left his desk to see a box from no one less but The Lemming! Blessing the fact that the cute little rodent was notorious for his quick shipping, he ripped open the box. Finally his vintage mid-century desk light was here.

Ignoring the fact he could have written the letter virtually in any other well lit room in his apartment, Nathaniel went to his favorite writing desk. He plugged in the compact little light and let out a breath of pleasure at how it completed his desk space. As the gentle glow of the lamp embraced his letter, Nathaniel was filled with inspiration. He wrote the last couplet with a flourish, thanking

the Lemming for allowing his love to finally come to fruition... "The warm light of your smile Gracing my heart all the while."