THE PETERMANS AND THE PENDERTONS had more going for them than good alliteration. The two couples loved to play cards together. In fact, for years, the couples reserved Tuesday night just for that pursuit. They would play Bridge, Pinochle, Rook, Hearts...the list went on--they loved them all. One week they would be at the Peterman’s and then the next week it was at the Penderton’s home. They would gather around a white vinyl coverd Cosco card table, sit on matching folding chairs and play cards into the wee hours of the night--Peterman/Penderton perfection. That is until one day in the fall of 1963 when Wallace Peterman realized that Lucy Penderton’s nervous habit of tugging on her earlobe had more sinister designs. When he suggested to Henry that his wife’s earlobe tug was nothing more than a sign to him to direct how he played his hand, Lucy responded by suggesting that Delores Peterman always managed to lean over and eye Henry’s hand whenever she went to get more coffee. 

The night ended with both Wallace and Henry holding steak to their black eyes at their respective homes. The next day the familiar folding card table and folding chairs were jostling about in the back of the St Vincent de Paul truck, heading to the second-hand store never to be shared again by a Peterman or a Penderton.