LATE IN THE SUMMER OF 1964, Jeffrey Brinkman had a bad experience with a can of beans. He and his buddies had decided at the last minute to take a fishing trip up to Loon Lake. After arriving at the lake, they quickly set up their tents and then it fell upon Jeff to make dinner. He pulled out a can of beans and began foraging through his camping gear to find a can opener. Unfortunately he had left it at home, so being the resourceful guy that he was, he pulled out his single blade pocket knife and proceeded to attack the can of beans. Two hours later the doctor was finishing up with the last of twelve stitches located along the back of Jeff’s left hand. Needless to say not much fishing was done on that trip. Jeffrey vowed “never again” so he made his way down to Guttman’s Sporting Goods and found himself a multi-tool pocket knife which included a can opener among other essential tools. 

The next summer when the boys returned to Loon Lake, Jeff was prepared for just about any camping application. If there was a need for cutting some rope, he had an app for that. If he forgot his fork, he had an app for that. Need a spoon? he had an app for that. Saw some limbs? He had an app for that. File a fish hook? He had an app for that as well. In fact from that day forward, whenever the guys were on a camping trip and someone needed a tool for one thing or another, they simply called for Jeff...he had an app for that.