“WOMAN DRIVER!!” Tommy Gladstone yelled at the top of his lungs as Mary Ellen Beaglemeyer flew through the intersection with no regard to the red light. 

 “She’s not a woman driver…she’s a ‘girl’ driver,” replied police officer Eddy Baker with a stern face and arms crossed. 

“She didn’t stop at the stop signal, she’s a criminal and you should haul her off to jail,” Tommy persisted. 

“Now, Now, children let’s lower our voices and talk about this in a civil matter…this is just pretend,” chimed in Miss Hanley. 

Miss Hanley’s First Grade class was learning about traffic signs and the children were role playing with streets laid out with masking tape on the classroom floor. There were miniature traffic signs and even a stoplight positioned along the streets. Tommy and Mary Ellen were pretending to drive their cars while Eddy played the policemen making sure traffic laws were being observed.

“My daddy gets lots of tickets so I know more than anyone else…Mary Ellen should at least go to pretend jail cause she’s a bad driver.” Tommy demanded.

“Tommy Gladstone would you like to go to the ‘real’ principal’s office?” Miss Henley replied as she rapped a ruler on the palm of her hand.