• Kent Finally Gets to Play His Trunk Card

    KENT BOYD CLOSED THE LATCHES ON HIS TRAVEL TRUNK, secured the lock and rapped the top side of the case with his knuckles.
  • Abercrombie Finds the Track for Success

    ABERCROMBIE REYNOLDS STOOD ON THE TRAIN STATION PLATFORM, steam from the idling locomotive drifting up into the overhead lights.
  • Two Wrights Don't Make a Wrong

    Ed Bromley was obsessed with Frank Lloyd Wright architecture. He had always wanted to be an architect himself but had little patience to go through the formal training to become one.
  • Cub Reporter Does Some Sole Searching

    It was late in the evening when Cheryl Bickerton, young cub reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle, slid into a booth at a near deserted East Bay coffee shop (whose name starts with "S").
  • Gween Eggs and Ham

    “Do you like green eggs and ham?” Britta read aloud to her audience of twelve new kindergartners who were squirming in their metal and wood school chairs.
  • Brothers Leon and Lester Seek a Mutual "Cooling Off" Period

    September 16. 1967, Leon Thornwell leaned back in his rocking lawn chair and motioned his brother Lester, to toss him another cold one out of the ice chest. It had been a long hot summer in Amarillo, Texas and the Thornwell boys were tired of the oppressive heat. They thought they’d spend a day at the lake to escape the blazing sun, but once they arrived, they discovered that the lake had diminished to nothing more than a mud puddle. So they found a large tree, parked themselves under it, deployed their folding lawn chairs and resigned themselves to another sweltering afternoon.

    When the cooler was empty of beverages, all that remained was icy cold water. Leon motioned again to this brother who nodded and then proceeded to pour half of the cold water over Leon’s head. Lester returned to his lawn chair without a word and Leon stood up, carried the ice chest over to his seated brother and poured the rest of the ice chest contents over Lester’s head. The two brothers sat side-by-side in their lawn chairs surveying the majestic mud pond before them. Leon turned to Lester and said, “Brother I do believe it’s fixin’ to cool down, I’m starting to notice a chill in the air.”
  • See Dick Shoot

    The day after Pearl Harbor was bombed in 1941, Dick Haplinger joined the U.S. Army so he could fight for his country.
  • Zack Gets Some New Duds

    Marge reached up to pull the spool of periwinkle blue thread off the spool rack she had strategically mounted above her sewing machine.
  • Détente Finally Prevails at the Bleeberman Household

    In 1965 the 'cold war' was full on at the Bleeberman home.
  • Fresh Cornbread Calls Grandchildren

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