• Fredrico Puts His Shine On

    Sixteen-year-old Fredrico Ortez couldn’t see his image reflected back in the black leather shoe of his customer so he resumed buffing.
  • Todd Grimley Will Not Neil

    Amber Keely slammed done the receiver on her French style Contessa telephone.
  • Shirley You Made an Efficient Exit

    Shirley Helmsley whirled around in her Good Form office chair just in time to see her boss, Otis Feldman walking through the sea of desks in the steno pool directly toward her.
  • The Postman's Feets of Strength

    Ed Goodfellow walked in the door and collapsed into his favorite easy chair, kicked off his shoes and set his tired dogs up on his dark brown Pearl Wick Leg Lounger footrest.
  • Hector Gears up for the Neverending Battle of Home Repair

    Each flutter of the loose screen taunted him until he could no longer take it.
  • When in Rome...

    In the summer of 1968 Angela Milton finally fulfilled her lifelong dream of traveling to Rome, Italy. She had just graduated from Nebraska State with a degree in Art History and wanted to visit the cathedrals and museums of the ancient city to soak in the art and culture and maybe experience a little Italian romance. For graduation her brother had given her an avocado greenluggage set. As she watched the skycap load the suitcases onto a cart, her mind drifted away to the streets of Rome where she pictured herself, arms wrapped around a dark, handsome Italian boy on the back of a Vespa, zipping between honking cars on their way to view the next historical artistic piece.

    When Angela arrived in Rome, she found herself sharing a taxi with Matthew Mudhide. Matthew was a balding and somewhat stout twenty-four-year old from Lacrosse, Wisconsin. He too had just graduated from college, his degree in Architecture and like Angela, had always dreamed of going to Rome, his quest to see the great architectural buildings. His set of matching brown luggage looked rather nice next to Angela’s suitcases in the trunk of the cab.

    To make a long story short, Angela and Matthew ended up touring Rome together though not on a Vespa but rather in a very cramped little Fiat. The two ended up falling in love and returning to the States where they married and merged their luggage sets. Ironically they ended up settling down in Rome, Georgia where they reside to this day.
  • Dan Makes a Case for Increased Ad Sales

    In 1972, rookie Yellow Pages advertising account executive Dan Abbott, amazed his manager with some breakneck sales numbers. Dan had only been on the job for two months and he was putting the old guys to shame.
  • Crisis Averted in the Clausen Kitchen

    Betty Clausen opened the lid of her copper-tone Kromex flour canister and reached in with her measuring cup but there was barely a 1/4 cup of flour left. Cookies were no longer an option.
  • Morris' Severe Case of Writer's Block Makes for a New Career Opportunity

    Private detective, Dirk Denton was dead before his body hit the floor. The figure that had come at him from the shadows in his dingy downtown Chicago office, dropped the murder weapon on the floor next to his victim.
  • Gordon & Audry Were Living a Greenwich Village Lie

    Gordon Bleeberman had to work fast. He dashed across the small Greenwich Village apartment, slid open the record cabinet and pulled out Bob Dylan's "The Freewheelin'".

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